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Winter Plannerland (WPL) is currently the third largest planner convention in the United States. 

Held each December in Atlanta, Georgia, it is the best way to end your planner year with friends!

WPL is the main event put on under the Plannerland brand. 

Event History


Winter Plannerland began in the greater Atlanta area in December 2016.

  • 2016: WPL launches its first seasonal planner conference with 100 attendees. 
  • 2017: WPL grew to a larger capacity of 190 attendees.
  • 2018: WPL became an official business and solidified its rank as the third largest U.S. planner conference at 350 attendees. 

Event Highlights


  • Amazing speakers and shop owners from around the world!
  • Fun & interactive workshops!
  • Delicious food!
  • Door prizes! 
  • Generous event sponsorship! 
  • Generous table sponsorship!
  • Vendor shopping!